Elizabeth Lembke Fri, Jun 05, 2020 3 min read

A Talent Ecosystem for the Now of Work

If we need any more signs that the Now of Work is personal, social, and adaptive - then we really must be living under a rock

The interconnections seen at a social media level - also affect the ability for our organizations not only to survive but also to adapt and thrive.  Topics of engagement, unity, plurality, safety and wellness are being placed at the forefront of how we not only run our organizations but also how we find fulfillment in the work, learn, and manage our talent in a mindful manner.

So how does one adapt and thrive in this Now of Work Ecosystem? What has changed in our environment and how can we tap in, not only with tools, but also the mindset to approach Talent more broadly, nimbly and with a mind on thriving?

The key is focusing on your people. They are the future of your organization.

While experts are pulling you every which way to show you the ‘secrets to success’, we want to enable you with the knowledge and tools to succeed and thrive!

Welcome to the Talent Ecosystem where we, Elizabeth Lembke and Michael Hruska, will be your guides.

Michael Hruska and I will show you how to use your organization’s value proposition to define, or evolve, your talent ecosystem. We will share tips to think adaptively and focus on what matters—How are your people solving problems? How is their thinking connected? How do they work together to create innovation?

Join us to discover and collectively share the tools, insights and trends to effectively survive and thrive in the Now of Work!

In this webinar, we will:

  • Share learning talent ecosystem models that will guide leaders to long-term success
  • Evaluate insights, trends, mobilization, and engagement of talent in this adaptive market
  • Leverage your value proposition to solve problems and innovate to stay ahead

Strategies to Define and Evolve Your Talent Ecosystem

Presented by Elizabeth Lembke and Michael Hruska

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