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Hold the Phone (training)—5 Questions to Ask First

By Edmond ManningSenior Instructional Strategist

Regularly, I see clients get excited about the possibility of using phones for training without considering their organization’s true readiness to jump into this technology. They just want it. They mask their quiet enthusiasm behind very serious professionalism, believing themselves quite reasonable when they say, “We’ve got to get IT in on this right now. We need their buy-in.”

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6 Reasons To Attend The Allen Experience

 By Carrie Zens, Director of Marketing

The countdown has begun and the anticipation is building. Co-located with Training magazine's Online Learning Conference, The Allen Experience is our exclusive and premiere workshop event—and it's an unbeatable value at $395! So, here are 6 reasons why you should consider attending The Allen Experience, October 6th, in Denver!

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All the World’s a Stage—Becoming a Better e-Learning Designer

by Ethan Edwards, chief instructional strategist

One of the most frequent questions I get from training professionals trying to make a start in e-learning design is about how to get training. Of course, there are the expected avenues. Here’s the answer I gave last week when this came up in a webinar: 

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You Say Quantitative—I Say Qualitative: Whose Training ROI is This Anyway?

In a previous blog post, Educating and Challenging Stakeholders on Instructional Design Best Practices, I suggested that certain qualities that make an effective salesperson can also help learning strategists and instructional designers influence decision makers to embrace learning and development trends, tools, and best practices. Several of these qualities focused on a learning strategist’s comfort level when discussing the relationship of best practices and the financial implications of learning and development projects.

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Incredibly Obvious e-Learning Design

by LInda Rening, instructional designer

Have you noticed that everyone seems to be an expert in “training?” It seems curious that folks who have deep knowledge and experience with things like: sales, pharmaceuticals, electrical engineering, marketing, customer service, etc. also believe themselves to be experts in training. And yet that’s what I see: highly-educated and deeply-committed Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) who want to step out of their field of expertise, and into ours.

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