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The Ultimate ATD TechKnowledge Resources Recap

This week, hundreds of learning professionals gathered at ATD TechKnowledge in Las Vegas to hear from thought leaders, learn from industry professionals and connect with peers. With the power of social media on our side, we can now easily access the latest tweets, blogs and resources! So here is an aggregated resource list from ATD TK!

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10 Reasons Why You Should Attend the Allen Interactions User Conference

By , senior instructional strategist | @LearnerAdvocate

The countdown has begun. The buzz is palpable in our offices. Our first ever user conference is right around the corner. So, here are the ten reasons why I believe you will want to attend:

1. Be Inspired

A bit of TED™, a dash of Ignite®, and a sprinkle of PechaKucha™. Throughout the day, you will hear from a select set of speakers (real Allen Interactions partners, respected business leaders, and of course Michael Allen) who are sure to inspire. During these brief presentations, they will share stories of challenges, successes, and most importantly real results. These speakers will encourage, engage, and motivate you.

The day will also provide inspiration through demonstrations of several award-winning, performance-driven courses (some never before demonstrated!). Seeing what is possible will help ignite your creativity. 

2. Become an Agent of Change

Allen Interactions thought leaders will offer strategies and techniques designed to move your courses beyond content-driven e-learning. Learn how you can use the instructional design model of Context, Challenge, Activity, Feedback (CCAF) to create learning that produces a real change in learner performance. Through discussions with our client partners, hear how they were able to initiate change in the type of learning offered in each of their organizations.

3. Collaborate and Network 

This is a day of collaboration and networking! You will participate in table team activities and discussions, making connections and gaining input from your peers in the field of adult learning. During the course of the day, you will have an opportunity to mingle with the crowd, meet Allen Interactions employees and create connections that will last long after the day has ended.

4. Set Yourself Free

Is your instructional design process or your development tool holding you back? Are you being asked to create courses faster, cheaper, and with greater appeal to learners? Learn how an iterative process shifts focus from analyzing and revising content for approval to designing and developing performance driven interactions. See how anyone can go from creating content to developing serious learning, without a degree in computer science.

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ZebraZapps Mobile Will Be Taking mLearnCon by Storm

by Steve Lee, strategic relationship manager

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Learning Solutions Today, e-Learning Q&A Webinar Tomorrow!

We’ve been roaming around Learning Solutions and I finally got Richard to sit down long enough to snap a quick pic. Now we are working on the answers to your questions. There are some tough ones submitted already. If you have a question you want answered or are just curious to hear what others are asking, join us tomorrow on our webinar.

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ASTD TechKnowledge Resources & Downloads

We had a great time in Vegas at the ASTD TechKnowledge Conference last week.  We had several great speaking sessions and resources that we wanted to make available to you! Check out the presentations and resources below:

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Celebrating 20 Years of Learning Excellence at DevLearn

We're kicking off our 20-year anniversary celebration at DevLearn being held this week in Las Vegas! If you are in the area or attending, please stop by our booth, say hi, and check out out the latest and greatest ZebraZapps authoring and publishing system—and to tempt the tastebuds—treat yourself to a cupcake...who can turn down a cupcake?!

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4 Ways to Renew and Become a Better Employee from Arianna Huffington

by , Marketing Communications Specialist

Arianna Huffington recently spoke at Hubspot's Inbound 2013 Conference I attended last week. During her keynote she shared how redefining the way we think about sleep can transform our lives—I think this is a message all professionals should hear.

Escaping Our Culture of Burnout

We all experience burnout in one way or another. Our culture encourages little time for rejuvenation. Instead, we work in a culture of tight timelines and critical deadlines.  We spend our nights writing emails instead of resting. All this work and no rest really only leads to one result—burnout. We need to learn to give ourselves permission to rest, to make space, and to "lean back so we can jump forward."

Right now, in our society, success is defined by two metrics: money & power.  In her keynote, Arianna Huffington redefined success as:

  • Well-being

  • Wisdom

  • Capacity to celebrate life

  • Our ability to give back

So what is the solution? How do we get to this place of redefined success? Here are four suggestions from the keynote:

1. Learn to be a gazelle.

If there is danger, gazelles run like crazy. The minute the danger disappears they immediately go back to grazing.  Us? We run all the time, even when there are no metaphorical leopards or lions.

We all need to learn to graze. 

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Live from ASTD ICE - Day 2 Recap

 Angel Green, senior instructional strategist

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Give Us AdvICE on What to Check Out at ICE!

by , vice president - client services | @rhillsites 

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Join Us in Dallas for ASTD's International Conference & Expo

ASTD International Conference & Expo

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