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The Magic of Starting from Scratch: Five Ways to Optimize Learning Design Sessions

By Ann Iverson, Instructional Designer 

Have you baked a cake lately? If so—and be honest—did you use the box, or did you make it from scratch? It’s okay, I’m not judging.

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Setting Expectations in a Collaborative Process like SAM

By Richard Sites | Vice President - Training & Marketing | @rhillsites

In my third SAM Minutes Video, I explained important aspects involved with implementing a Savvy Start. 

Now that you know what a Savvy Start is and have some foundational knowledge on implementing this brainstorming meeting, let's talk about one of the most challenging parts of this process—setting expectations with team members. 

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Iterative Design in Action—Implementing the Savvy Start

By Richard Sites | Vice President - Training & Marketing | @rhillsites

In my second SAM Minutes Video, I introduced the unique kick-off event for an e-learning project—the Savvy Start.

Now that you know what a Savvy Start is, and you want to try one out for size with a future e-learning project, how do you go about implementing this type of brainstorming meeting?

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Hello, Collaboration! Meet The Savvy Start In A SAM Minute

By Richard Sites | Vice President - Training & Marketing | @rhillsites

In my first SAM Minutes video, I introduced SAMan agile, iterative development processand I talked about how it differentiates from a traditional ADDIE-like process. If you have not watched this SAM Minutes video, I encourage you to do so before continuing, as it will provide you with foundational knowledge of this iterative development process. Watched it? Great, lets move forward!

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The World of e-Learning Design Through a Child

by Angel Green, senior instructional strategist | @LearnerAdvocate

Last week, in the US, we celebrated the annual Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day (http://www.daughtersandsonstowork.org/) and for the first time, I participated. Well, I participated with two of my three children and until just after lunch. That was about all of a day any of us, or my coworkers, could handle.

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Have a Happy New Year: Setting Resolutions to Ensure Success with SAM

Richard Sites | vice president – training & marketing | @rhillsites

Happy New Year! Welcome to the time of year where you are either starting your New Year resolutions, procrastinating starting your resolutions, or exclaiming your dislike for the nonsense which is making New Year’s resolutions. I’ll let you decide to which group you belong.

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Four Questions that Shift You into Design Success

by Ann Iverson, instructional designer | @iverson_ann

“Question everything!”Albert Einstein

As an instructional designer, I think the most important part of my job occurs in the design phase of a project. Not only am I building relationships and setting the stage, I’m working to create the blueprint for the entire learning experience.

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4 Exercises to Help You Find Your e-Learning Writing Voice

by instructional writer

I’ve always been a writer. As a kid, I cranked out little paper books by the dozens with such titles as “The Day all the Boys Disappeared” and “How Christmas Trees Got Started.” I bet you didn’t know that Christmas trees originated due to a convoluted plan by a cat/fairy/queen to get more cookies in the winter. It is a story that is both more and less magical than most people assume.
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3 Ways to Put the Serious eLearning Manifesto iPad App to Work

The Serious eLearning Manifesto is meant to be a constructive, actionable document for developing quality learning. While the manifesto itself is not meant to be “learned,” there are plenty of tips and tools that can help you practice the principles of the manifesto in your real-world designs and projects. For instance, to help facilitate its impact you could create flashcards to memorize its values and principles, print up a poster and hang it high in the office, or even create a worksheet/checklist for reference on every project. 

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4 Creative Process Tips for the e-Learning Graphic Designer

by , media artist

Remember pencil and paper? That archaic method of taking notes that existed before touch screens and smartphones? Well, apparently it’s still pretty useful to have around! Ever felt stuck in an initial design or needed inspiration for an animation? Sometimes dusting off that sketch pad and removing yourself from the digital world will do wonders—to open up your mind and help process those creative ideas jumbled in your head.

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