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To Enhance the Human Mind and Spirit

At Allen Interactions, we often talk about the three M’s of learning: Meaningful, Memorable, and Motivational. Previous blogs have discussed various aspects of these and their importance to learning.

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Pokémon Go: 3 Lessons for Instructional Designers

By Edmond ManningSenior Instructional Strategist

Surely you’ve heard the news stories.

Pokémon Go players lured to robberies or stepping blindly into traffic. On Facebook, I read a friend’s post describing how her car was rear-ended at a stoplight. Yes, the driver was playing Pokémon Go. Yes, he confessed this to the police, alleviating my friend from any responsibility. A Florida news anchor walked right into the live weather forecast, too busy catching imaginary animals to pay attention.

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Social Media in e-Learning: Waste of Time, Magic Bullet, or Something In Between?

by Nicole Mellas, Instructional Designer

A lot of online training is pretty boring and content-centric.

If you’ve spent any time reading this blog (or even perusing the blog titles), you probably won’t find this statement to be all that earth shattering. (If you do find it to be earth shattering, oh boy are you in for some surprises on this site!) Now, I’m not going to spend my time today writing another blog about what a shame it is that so much training lacks focus on the learner. I’m not going to ask you to read more about how successful e-learning employs contextualized challenges with rich feedback to create an experience that is meaningful, memorable, and motivational (though that DOES bear repeating, it’s not what I’m writing about today).

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Oh What a Feeling: Emotion and Learner Engagement

by Ellen Burns, instructional writer/designer

One of my favorite chapters from Dorian Peters' Interface Design for Learning calls upon instructional designers to create learning experiences that foster intrinsic motivation, and provides suggestions for how to do it well.

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Would Learners Pay for Your Training?

by , vice president - training and marketing | @rhillsites

Training efforts often begin with the need to change or improve the performance of employees. However, this initial need can quickly fall to the wayside when the process of collecting information, designing instructional treatments, and seeking approval of the e-learning course begins.

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[Dr. Michael Allen] My Engaging e-Learning Obsession

This past month Dr. Michael Allen participated in the very popular Google Hangout interview series Obsessed for Success with Rod Caceres. Caceres interviews leaders and pioneers who have interesting obssessions. Dr. Allen was chosen as a premier leader in the learning industry for his e-learning obsession of eliminating boring, ineffective online learning from the face of the earth.

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5 e-Learning Media Design Tips Inspired by Ugly Sweaters

by , media artist

Though I didn’t make the U.S. snowboarding team this time around, I still love the winter Olympics. Besides, that gives me four more years to practice, right?

Be honest, it’s the hat, isn’t it?

Though I watch it mainly for the snowboarding events, one of my favorite parts about the Olympics is seeing all of the teams’ uniforms and outfits. While the United States always emerges into the arena looking more fashionable than a hipster in a local coffee shop sipping a soy cappuccino, I am extremely impressed by this year’s choices.

“Are you kidding me?” you might be saying. No, I’m not. Say what you will about the opening ceremony ugly sweaters; they are brilliant—a bold, trendy statement that breaks the mold. There was no mistaking the Americans on opening night in Sochi. This got me thinking… how can this same tactic be employed in e-learning media design? Try these tips:

1. Dare to be different.

E-learning tends to fall into traditional formats or templates. Shake it up a bit! Step outside the box. Take your design in a completely different direction than you’re used to. Be the one wearing a goofy ugly sweater in a sea of beige. For example, one of our clients has a very corporate look, but we were able to approach their course with a game-like, illustrated style that helps lighten-up the content, while still maintaining a sense of branding.

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[Questions & Answers] Important Thoughts on e-Learning Designs

by , chief instructional strategist | @ethanaedwards

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On the Job: 4 Insights for Engaging the Millennial Generation

by , relationship management assistant

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The Value of an Empathetic ID

by Carly Yuenger, producer/instructional designer

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