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5 Common Missteps In Onboarding Programs

by relationship management assistant

First impressions are often the most lastingwhat does your onboarding program say about your organization?

Research has shown that effective onboarding increases employee retention and productivity while ineffective programs waste money and can result in burnout and increased turnover. With 25% of the United States workforce transitioning between jobs every year, creating an engaging and informative new hire orientation should be a key business initiative for employers.

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My Learning Resolutions for 2013

by , senior instructional strategist, @LearnerAdvocate

I have to admit, I am a bit of a New Year's Resolutions junkie. I suppose it makes sense, being in the business of performance change, that I seek continual improvement of myself. Not only do I make personal resolutions, but I also make work resolutions.

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Frightening Realities of Content Regulation Over Learner Engagement

by , senior instructional strategist

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