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Announcing the Allen Academy

By Ethan Edwards, Chief Instructional Strategist - July 3, 2019

Inspired by many collective years of education, real-world experience, and outreach to countless e-learning professionals around the world, we’re building a unique professional certification experience to fit the needs of individuals and organizations hoping to impact the quality of their online training.

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5 Instructional Design Insights from The Marshmallow Test: Part 2

By Edmond ManningSenior Instructional Strategist

Welcome back!

In my last blog, I introduced the 2014 book, The Marshmallow Test by researcher Walter Mischel. His life’s work reveals insights collected from decades of research on willpower and its relationship to decision-making. While this book was not written for instructional designers, the implications for the affective domain are fascinating.

My previous blog addressed the power of “hot and cold focus” in decision-making moments as well as how we might use those insights in creating training experiences. Now, I’d like to share insights equally applicable to the world of training.

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5 Instructional Design Insights from The Marshmallow Test: Part I

By Edmond ManningSenior Instructional Strategist

My favorite analysis question to ask clients is: “What if your target audience already understands how to perform the behavior you’ve outlined, but just doesn’t feel like doing it?”

Very often, I receive a blank stare with a standard answer. “They have to do it. It’s their job.”

I never get to say what I’m thinking, “Well then, why aren’t they?”

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The Lonely Instructional Designer

By Linda Rening, PhD, Instructional Designer

From time to time, all of us as Instructional Designers have experienced what we do as an “austere and lonely office,” to borrow the words of poet, Robert Hayden. Even if we are lucky enough to be part of an Instructional Design and Development team, when the brainstorming and collaboration are done, it is each of us alone facing the fear of the blank screen, and trying to do our best for our learners.

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3 Reasons To Attend ATD's E-Learning Instructional Design Training

By Ethan Edwards, Chief Instructional Strategist, @ethanedwards 

We at Allen Interactions have partnered with ATD for more than a decade to deliver the two professional instructional design training workshops for e-learning design. The two workshops (E-Learning Instructional Design Certificate and Advanced E-Learning Instructional Design Certificate) cover important aspects of mastering the art and science of creating motivating and impactful e-learning programs.

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