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Gamification: 3 Steps to Get the Recipe Right

Ellen Burns-Johnson - September 17, 2019

There are many recipes for successful employee engagement. Gamification is just one ingredient.

Gamification isn’t just a niche term anymore. Points, badges, achievements, leaderboards and more are being used in more creative and refined ways across multiple industries, with interesting results. 

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Integrating Gaming and e-Learning Design

Part 2 of 3: Bright Horizons

Thanks for coming back. If you didn’t read Part 1 of this article, you should. Your life will be better, skin blemishes will vanish, relationships will improve, and this blog post will make a lot more sense.

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Once every quarter, our Minnesota office becomes Game Night HQ. First and foremost, we plan the snacks and adult beverages. Then, we plan our games. Come take a tour of our Game Night last week, and hear what a few Allenites have to say about why we play.

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Webinar - IDs are Going Crazy for These Serious Learning Game Techniques

By Michael Allen, Chairman & CEO, Allen Interactions 

Everyone wants a learning game, but few stand ready with a big budget and game creation wizards. We all want fun, engaging, skill-building games, and there are many types of game frameworks to employ, yet not all are appropriate to every type of content. This webinar has two parts:


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40+ Game Design Resources for IDs, Trainers, Educators & Practitioners

by Carrie Zens, director of marketing

Earlier this month, Angel Green presented a complimentary Training Magazine webinar on the topic of gamification for instructional design. Based on the high number of registrants, this subject seems to resonate with many of you. Therefore, we’ve pulled together 40+ resources to help you learn more about the topics of game design, game theory, and gamification. Some of the resources are industry agnostic, while others focus specifically on the world of instructional design and learning.

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Gamification for e-Learning Q&A

By , senior instructional strategist | @LearnerAdvocate

Last week, I hosted a webinar on the Gamification of e-Learning. In this webinar, I discussed how instructional designers and organizations can (and should) incorporate game mechanics and design into their training programs. To help facilitate this process, I presented the Allen Interactions Taxonomy Alignment for Gaming (TAG). TAG is a model, based on Bloom’s Taxonomy, which helps instructional designers and organizations begin to brainstorm game types based on learner and organizational needs.

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Confusion, Trends & Possibilities with Gamification for e-Learning

By , chief instructional strategist | @ethanaedwards and , senior instructional strategist | @LearnerAdvocate

Due to the interest in, and response to, several of our  blog posts, white papers, and webinars on gamification, Ethan Edwards and I provide answers and insight around some of the pressing topics related to incorporating gaming into your learning programs. Read More

Gamify Your e-Learning Solutions: A Trend 20 Years in the Making

By , senior instructional strategist | @LearnerAdvocate

If, like me, you’ve been in this instructional design world for some time now, you may find yourself a bit hesitant to jump on the latest bandwagon in learning. After all, if you asked me in 2004 what training would look like in 2014, I would’ve likely said, “virtual reality, instructor-led courses taught on training islands in SecondLife, and perfectly meta-tagged learning objects that align to competencies available in the corporate university.” 

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6 Insights: Validating Gaming Principles Through User Testing

by Mary-Scott Hunter, vice president - client services

Anyone who reads my blog posts knows I’m a fan of applying gaming principles – as they fit – to e-learning. It’s one thing to discuss that relationship in theory and quite another to find application from specific games. For science and posterity, I decided to conduct a user testing experiment.

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Breaking the Branding Law and Getting Away With It

by Christopher Palm, media artist

Hear that? It’s the faint sirens of the branding police speeding their way to this blog at this very moment. Quick! We don’t have much time before they shackle us with their “branding guidelines” and force us to endure long recitations of the importance of their brand to the very existence of humanity.

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