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4 Writing Principles Every eLearning Designer Should Know

By Kody Jackson, Instructional Writer

In my time as a university teaching assistant (TA), I saw a lot of bad writing. Clauses hanging all over the place, dangling participles, comma splices…a veritable side-show horror of prose.

Let’s go through my writing steps guaranteed to make you sound better. We’ll start with the following passage. While it’s a little ridiculous, this example is not that far off from what I see from day to day:

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4 Exercises to Help You Find Your e-Learning Writing Voice

by instructional writer

I’ve always been a writer. As a kid, I cranked out little paper books by the dozens with such titles as “The Day all the Boys Disappeared” and “How Christmas Trees Got Started.” I bet you didn’t know that Christmas trees originated due to a convoluted plan by a cat/fairy/queen to get more cookies in the winter. It is a story that is both more and less magical than most people assume.
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