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5 Things to Do When the Solution Shouldn’t Have Been Training

Let’s be honest, shall we?

If you’ve been in this industry more than eight weeks, you’ve probably been involved in a solution which possibly, maybe, (very, very probably) shouldn’t have been training.

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10 Learning Design Blogs to Draw Inspiration From

When searching on Google for "Learning Design Blogs", a staggering amount of more than 117,000,000 search results appear. With this overwhelming amount of information, it can be very hard to determine which blogs are credible and a valuable use of time to read.

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A Tribute to e-Learning Thought Leader, Jay Cross

By Michael Allen, Chairman & CEO, Allen Interactions 

Jay Cross. A friend and thought leader we’ll all miss dearly. 

Jay Cross was one of those people who lifted your spirits the moment you saw him. Even before he said a word, you saw a welcoming expression on his face and you knew the next few moments would experience encouragement and challenge.

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