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Achieving a Bountiful e-Learning Harvest

By Ethan Edwards, Chief Instructional Strategist / @ethanedwards 

I don’t know what it means that my random activities so often trigger comparisons to the challenges we face in the field of e-learning, but the latest example occurred last week in regard to walnuts.  Black walnuts, specifically.

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From Responsive Web Design to Responsive e-Learning Design

By Carrie Zens, Director of Marketing / @carriezens

Ah, the world of ever-evolving technology. It’s wonderful and completely irritating at the same time. We continually push the envelope, making everything faster, smarter, better. Smartphones have larger screens and more bells and whistles. We've coined the term 'phablet' which I didn't think was a real word until I looked it up on Wikipedia. And please, continue to make battery life a priority for me and many others who struggle to stay connected!

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3 e-Learning Design Steps to Avoid a Technical vs. Soft Skills Showdown

By Nicole Mellas,  Instructional Designer

A few months ago I conducted a webinar on getting more out of Subject Matter Expert interviews. Afterwards, I received many fantastic questions from participants. I answered a handful of them here. However, a few questions warranted a lengthier explanation. One such question was, “How does your process vary between technical and ‘soft skills’ training?”

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You Asked. We Listened: Your Top e-Learning Design & Development Challenges

By Vice President - Training & Marketing | @rhillsites 

A few months ago, I posted a blog asking all of you to share the critical challenges you often face when designing and developing e-Learning. 

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Turn Left at That Former Gas Station

By Edmond ManningSenior Instructional Strategist

When driving, I happen to get lost a lot, and I absolutely hate asking people for directions.

I would argue this is not the stereotypical male thing of being too stubborn, too testosterone-driven to break down and ask. Actually, the opposite is true: I want good advice from someone who knows the terrain.

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Three Tools for Your e-Learning Design First Aid Kit

By Ethan Edwards, Chief Instructional Strategist

We’ve all seen great e-learning designs—engaging interactions that motivate learners, engage them in meaningful and memorable experiences, and challenge them to perform tasks that directly relate to later on-the-job performance. Unfortunately, due to the challenges in mastering authoring systems, unrealistic organizational expectations about time and resources for developing e-learning, well-intentioned but faulty standards for deliverables, negotiating content with subject matter experts, and simple lack of practice, these great interactions (I call them “irresistible e-learning”) may seem out of reach for some designers. 

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5 Ways Clients Can Foster Success in an e-Learning Project

By the Studio K Instructional Design Team

Hannah Hunter,  Linda Rening and Ann Iverson

Here at Allen Interactions, an important part of our formula for success is made up of our partnerships with our clients. We have found that truly engaging, behavior-changing e-learning is built in large part out of the strong client relationships and collaboration. We love it when our clients ask us what they can do to help with the e-learning design and development process.

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What Are Your Top e-Learning Design & Development Challenges?

By , Vice President - Training & Marketing | @rhillsites 

As you know, designing and developing e-learning is full of challenges and opportunities. A while back, we enlisted our blog subscribers to share their biggest e-learning challenges they face on a daily basis. That Top 10 list is below and we want to know what you think! Are there other critical challenges you often face when designing and developing e-learning?

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3 Ways to Design e-Learning for the Modern Learner

By Ann Iverson, Instructional Designer 

A recent study from Microsoft Corporation shows that the average attention span for humans has dropped from 12 seconds in the year 2000 to 8 seconds today. Oh look, a squirrel! According to scientists, the age of mobile devices has left humans with a shorter attention span than the common goldfish. Apparently, Goldie beats us out by one second. What’s for dinner? Fish again? Does this mean the end of human civilization as we know it?

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Visual Design is More Than Skin Deep

By Guest Blogger Connie Malamed, Author/Speaker/Writer /@elearningcoach         

How much effort should you expend on the visual design of an e-Learning course or a slide deck? Does it really matter to busy learners if their instructional materials are well designed? The answer is an emphatic, “Yes, it matters.”

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