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Designing Thoughtful Learning Requires BRRRRAAAAAAAAIIIIIIINS

By Mary-Scott Hunter, Studio Executive 

Edmond said, “Where will the food come from? We don’t have enough to feed the whole community.”In a weary voice, Brita said, “The grocery store. We have to go shopping.”

Edmond said, “But it’s full of zombies.”

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How An Iterative Process Facilitates Empathetic Learning Design

by Angel Green, senior instructional strategist | @LearnerAdvocate

This past spring, I delivered a premium training webinar entitled Design Thinking for the Instructional Designer. If you’ve done any reading on the subject of Design Thinking, you’ll know that there is a huge emphasis on the importance of empathetic design.

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Four Questions that Shift You into Design Success

by Ann Iverson, instructional designer | @iverson_ann

“Question everything!”Albert Einstein

As an instructional designer, I think the most important part of my job occurs in the design phase of a project. Not only am I building relationships and setting the stage, I’m working to create the blueprint for the entire learning experience.

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Can Design Thinking Advance Our Jobs as Instructional Designers?

By , senior instructional strategist | @LearnerAdvocate

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