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5 Ways Clients Can Foster Success in an e-Learning Project

By the Studio K Instructional Design Team

Hannah Hunter,  Linda Rening and Ann Iverson

Here at Allen Interactions, an important part of our formula for success is made up of our partnerships with our clients. We have found that truly engaging, behavior-changing e-learning is built in large part out of the strong client relationships and collaboration. We love it when our clients ask us what they can do to help with the e-learning design and development process.

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Celebrating Four Brandon Hall Awards!

We are proud to announce that we are the winners of FOUR 2013 Brandon Hall Awards! It is because of our wonderful clients and talented studios that we can celebrate award-winning learning experiences year after year!

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Iterations: Ask, Listen, Solve Performance Problems [Ep. 9]

In this episode of Iterations, Richard Sites and Angel Green discuss what happens when you jump to design too early in the process of learning development.  Failure to ask the right questions and listen to the answers can result in unmet expectations and increased risk.

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Iterations: What Makes Award-Winning e-Learning [Ep. 6]

In this episode of Iterations, Richard Sites and Angel Green discuss AutoNation’s award-winning e-learning course and the CCAF Design Model consisting of Context, Challenge, Activity, and Feedback and how this approach created an effective learning environment for AutoNation’s Sales Associates.

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Celebrating Award-Winning e-Learning!

We are proud to announce award-winning recognition to the tune of 6 awards – 3 Communicator Awards & 3 Horizon Interactive Awards! Congratulations to our wonderful clients and studios for creating award-winning e-learning experiences that are meaningful, memorable, and motivational for their employees!

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Using Meaningful e-Learning to Create Measurable Results

by , senior instructional strategist | @LearnerAdvocate

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