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What is Blended Learning?

In the context of education, blended learning usually means moving some of the teaching/learning work from the human teacher to some kind of technology, used in or out of the classroom. In the training context, the discussion usually occurs when looking for ways to offload some curriculum from Instructor-led (ILT) or virtual-instructor-led training (VILT) into eLearning. As such, these conversations are often laden to the point of feeling loaded with a lot of baggage around a dichotomy between human teachers and machine teachers.

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Good Bye to Flash Could Mean Hello to New eLearning for Your Organization

Time is rapidly closing on flash based websites because the development environment is no longer compatible with today’s technology. Flash does not translate to mobile devices and as technology continues to evolve, responsive design becomes more and more important for all websites; especially learning systems.

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How Toyota Leveraged Six Technology and Process Keys to Improve Call Center KPIs

Guest Blogger, Chris Johnson, Senior Curriculum Developer & Designer, Toyota Financial Services

It was decided Toyota Financial Services was migrating all their staff to a new customer relationship management platform.

The goal? Dramatically improve the customer’s experience when interacting with Toyota Financial Services (TFS). The approach: create an innovative, effective blended learning program for all existing call-center staff, completely revamp the onboarding program in a way that would directly improve key performance indicators (KPIs) and create training for a system and workflow that could change daily.

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The Right Way to "Blend" E-Learning

By Steve Lee, Co-Founder/ Strategic Relationship Manager 

What is good blended learning? Is it just creating some e-learning modules to enhance your ILT? Is it an e-learning course with some live or virtual touchpoint? Or is it something that is truly blended that includes multiple modalities and a new way to teaching?

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Angel's Answers to Blending Learning Modalities Questions

By , senior instructional strategist | @LearnerAdvocate

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[Upcoming Webinar] Mix it Up: Strategies for Blending Learning Modalities

Thursday, September 12, 2013 | 1:00 - 2:00 PM Central

e-Learning, ILT, Mobile, Virtual Classroom Training, Social Learning, etc. – there are many learning ingredients to consider for cooking up a successful blended solution. So, how do you tackle these many modalities, formulating a magical blend which provides learners a meaningful, memorable, and motivational (MMM) experience?

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Blended Learning: How to Select the Right Mix of Modalities

by , senior instructional strategist | @LearnerAdvocate

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Bundle Up This Winter

by , studio executive | @rhillsites

Just because many people head to Florida during the winter months to escape the snow, wind, frost and freezing conditions found elsewhere, doesn’t mean we don’t have cold weather. Ok, I get it – it’s relative. But to us native Floridians, it’s cold!

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