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The Right Way to "Blend" E-Learning

By Steve Lee, Co-Founder/ Strategic Relationship Manager 


What is good blended learning? Is it just creating some e-learning modules to enhance your ILT? Is it an e-learning course with some live or virtual touchpoint? Or is it something that is truly blended that includes multiple modalities and a new way to teaching?

Well, Toyota Financial Services (TFS) did the latter as part of a rollout of a new collections console built with Salesforce.com. Allen Interactions and TFS partnered to create a fully blended learning solution that includes instructor-led training enhanced with e-learning simulations that challenges students to master software procedures, critical thinking and the soft skills necessary to successfully partner with clients during potentially stressful, and often unsuccessful collection calls. TFS_Toyota_Screenshot

The simulations follow Allen Interaction’s signature CCAF Instructional Design Model, employ a practice to mastery learning model supported by dynamic branching based on learner decisions, provide customized feedback based on learner needs and have been designed to fit within a mentoring model complete with live nesting. 

And all of this was done for a facilitated in-class environment that incorporates full class participation, mentoring, teaming and completion through leaderboards that are based on actual KPIs measured during the facilitated e-learning simulations via TinCan.

The results of this solution included:

  1. Reduction in training time.
  2. Speed to competency.
  3. Greater levels of agent confidence, empathy, partnering and problem solving skills
  4. Improved adherence to standard operating procedures.
  5. Increased compliance to privacy laws and policies.
  6. Improved operational effectiveness scores

If you would like to learn more about this project, please join our 1 hour webinar, "Steering into Success: How Toyota Enhanced Training with eLearning" sponsored by Allen Interactions, TFS, Saba and Salesforce. 

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