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Say Hello To Iterative Design: Meet The SAM Minute

By Richard Sites | Vice President - Training & Marketing | @rhillsites

RichardPortraitTightAre you starting a new training and development project soon? Are you planning on trying a new process? Are you hoping on finding a way to do things faster? Cheaper? On time?

SAM (Successive Approximation Model) may just be the method you are looking for to help you achieve these objectives. Using iterative design and development, SAM can empower you and your team to devise and determine the best design, incorporate others’ feedback, and stay on track with your project.

But starting a project is never easy—especially using a whole new process. So, if you are interested in incorporating SAM into your next project development process, you can stay-up-to-speed on the SAM process, its advantages, and how to successfully implement it within your organization by watching my weekly video episodes of the SAM Minute—the first one is below.

As a special kickoff for the SAM Minute, I invite you to join me for the SAM Summer Series. When you sign up for the week-long SAM Summer Series, you will receive a week's worth of exclusive content via email including:

  • Practical Application Resources
  • Video Tips from Richard Sites including Iterations and SAM Minute 
  • SAM Starter Kit Materials

In my first SAM Minute, learn what differentiates SAM from other processes, like ADDIE, when it comes to the development of performance-based instructional products.

Episode One: SAM Minute




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