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Our Top 15 e-Learning Blog Posts of 2015

Reflecting back on 2015, we at Allen Interactions are proud to call it a successful year, and are thankful for all of you who are a part of our learning community!  

We truly love sharing our best practices, strategies, and insights on creating performance-based learning and we will continue to do so in 2016. 

So, to celebrate last year, here are the Top 15 e-Learning Leadership Blog Posts from 2015!


1. 40+ Game Design Resources for ID's, Trainers, Educators & PracticTioners 


Are you looking to add game design to your learning projects? This massive list is sure to help you jumpstart your e-learning gamifcation!

2. Beyond Liking It: Ask These 3 Learner-Centric Design Questions 


Are you ready to put your designs to the test? These three learner-centric design questions will ensure that your training is not wasting valuable time.

3. 10 Blogs for Working With Subject matter experts To Create Performance-Changing e-Learning


Nicole Mellas shares 10 blogs & articles she finds helpful as an instructional designer to work with SMEs to build performance-changing e-learning.

4. 27 Free Media Resources for Learning Designers & Media Artists 


Having great media resources is essential to the creative process—here is a list of websites with free resources for your e-learning next project!

5. 3 Ways to Design e-Learning for the Modern Learner


As lifestyles change, so do learner styles. Instructional Designer Ann Iverson uncovers three ways to design e-learning for the modern learner. 

6. 15 Shareable Learning Design & Development Quotes 


Here are 15 shareable learning design and development quotes! What are your favorite quotes?

7. Get Inspired: Five Examples of Good Microlearning Design


In this final microlearning miniseries blog, Ellen Burns-Johnson shares five examples she feels demonstrates good microlearning design based on characteristics she posted in a previous blog.  

8. 3 Tips to Counter ‘They Just Need To Know It’ 


When it comes to training employees, the obvious secret—the one that we forget to target mercilessly—is behavior.

9. The Microlearning Millenial Myth 


EllenBurns-Johnson  explores millennial attention span myths and what this suggests for microlearning design. 

10. E-Learning Design: CCAF It! 


The CCAF Instructional Design Model for e-learning design is discussed for creating Meaningful, Memorable, Motivational, and Measurable e-learning experiences.

11. How Long Should it Take to Cook Up an E-Learning Course?


Edmond Manning discusses how creating an engaging e-learning course can be much like cooking dinner—balancing variety and timing are crucial components for a delicious result. 

12. 5 Ways to Tap into Metaphors for Better E-Learning Courses


Ann Iverson explains five ways to tap into the magic of using metaphors when designing e-learning courses. 

13. Does Your E-Learning Create Learner Indifference? Try These Five Ideas


Ethan Edwards shares five ideas to avoid learner indifference in your e-learning design. 

14. 5 Scientifically-Proven Ways to Grab Attention in Your e-Learning


With recent studies showing diminishing attention attention spans of web users, Hannah Hunter shares 5 science-backed tips to grab your learners' attention and keep it! 

15. To LMS or Not to LMS...Is That The Question?


The existence and capabilities of Learning Management Systems (LMSs) are challenged based on new technologies like TinCan, xAPI, and LRS.

What topics do you want to hear about in 2016? Let us know below! 


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