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[New e-Book] 14 Tips for Preparing an e-Learning Feast

elearningfeastcoverAs we all get ready to join our family and friends for the Thanksgiving holidays and prepare for the big meal, it’s nearly impossible to avoid the endless advice on TV, radio, and online about how to prepare the perfect feast. As it turns out, so much of that advice can easily be related to planning and preparing perfect e-learning.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving and be safe!

Get 14 Tips to Preparing a Wonderful e-Learning Feast that Your Learners will Gobble Up!!

Here are a few tips that you will receive:

  • Plan Ahead and Allow Enough Time
  • Know Who's Coming
  • Send Appealing Invitations
  • Plus 11 More!


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About the Author | Ethan Edwards

Ethan(Full)Ethan Edwards draws on more than 30 years of industry experience as an e-learning instructional designer and developer. He is responsible for the delivery of the internal and external training and communications that reflect Allen Interactions’ unique perspective on designing and developing meaningful and memorable e-learning programs. 

Edwards is the primary instructor for ATD’s e-Learning Instructional Design Certificate Program. In addition, he is an internationally recognized speaker on e-learning instructional design. He is a primary blogger on Allen Interactions’ e-Learning Leadership Blog and has published several white papers on creating effective e-learning. Ethan holds a master’s degree and significant doctoral work in educational psychology from the University of Illinois –  Urbana-Champaign.

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