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Eight EGGcellent ELearning Blogs for Your Easter Basket

 By  Carrie ZensDirector of Marketing @carriezens

Carrie2014.png It's that time of year again. And, like many holidays, it's super fun to see Easter through the eyes of children. Having three little boys, I love to see their creativity and joyful messiness explode while decorating Easter eggs. It brings me back to my childhood days of hunting for Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Eggs hidden in every nook and cranny of our house...and the thrill of discovering where that Easter Bunny stashed my long awaited basket which normally included a plush, stuffed bunny and candy. And it's just plain fun watching my oldest navigate a scavenger hunt to uncover the next clue to the end goal of Easter candy and other goodies (Auntie likes to spoil!).

I'm not going attempt an Ethan Edwards-style analogy and brilliantly relate this holiday to designing effective elearning. But, I do want to take the opportunity to fill your basket and brain with some of the blogs that really resonated with our learning community over the past few months. We all get busy, and perhaps you didn't have an opportunity to absorb one or several of these learning design goodies, so here's another chance! As an added benefit, there's no sugar or calorie counting here! And they are all full of scrumptious tips and tricks for effective learning design, so fill up!



MicrolearningThree Guidelines for Meaningful Microlearning

Easter-Egg-Blue-Stars.pngID Essential - Three Steps When There's too Much Content for One Course

Easter-Egg-Striped-Pink-Orange.pngMoving Mobile Learning: Three MLearning Design Mistakes Everyone's Making

Easter-Egg-Blue-Dots.png  ID Essentials - Four Simple Steps to Unpack Objectives

Easter-Egg-Striped-Blue-Yellow.pngFive Reasons to Embrace Your Perfectly Imperfect ELearning Course

Easter-Egg-Orange-Dots.pngFive Steps to Seeing the Big Picture of Microlearning

Easter-Egg-Striped.pngSix Achievable & Effective Techniques to Enhance Learner Motivation

Easter-Egg-Pink-Dots.pngEleven Instructional Design Truths According to Cat .gifs


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