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Data Security... How Can You Get In Front of the Problem

Did you know:

  • 43 percent of cyber attacks target small businesses. 
  • 60 percent of small and medium sized companies go out of business within six months of a cyber attack.
  • 48 percent of data security breaches are caused by acts of malicious intent. Human error or system failure account for the rest.
  • 95% of all cyber attacks involve some form of social engineering



Employee training is the key to your organization's data safety. Data security training is not a "one and done" course. Just as your IT teams need to keep abreast of viruses, scams and hackers so do employees. Security training is an ongoing piece of the investment you put into your employees. With every onboarding, significant focus on the measures required to protect both sensitive company data as well as the individual's personal data should be emphasized.

Every employee should know what to be vigilant of in order to ensure that all sensitive data is protected. Experts suggest utilizing a cyber security boot camp approach to help guard against cyber attacks. Including simulation exercises and hidden threats to showcase the potential dangers can be a highly effective means for training employees on what to look for in potential threats. 

This exciting webinar was held on Thursday November 2, 2017 at 10:00 am CST. Lisa Stortz and Scott Colehour highlighted some of the effective security training programs developed by Allen Interactions.VIEW RECORDING