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These are uncertain and challenging times. This pandemic is impacting everyone at many levels and has created a global ripple effect like no other. First and foremost, to each person who has contracted the illness, their loved ones, and all of the healthcare personnel working tirelessly to care for them - you are in our thoughts and prayers. 

In this time of such adversity, we have an opportunity to apply what we've learned over decades of meeting performance challenges. With the advantages of agile approaches, we have the means to embrace abrupt change by adapting to its requirements. There's so much we can do to create exactly the right answers and solutions and deliver them promptly. 

Are you faced with any of the below questions or challenges?

  • Do you need to shift your organization to a new learning model somehow? 
  • Are you looking for opportunities to innovate or realign your workforce skills, organization, learning methods (or all of the above) in response to this disruption?
  • Have a challenge you want to tease out creatively? Are you seeking some extra thought-power to "figure it out?"

Join my expert team any weekday from 12-1 PM EST in our Open Innovation Zoom to help. Bring a problem, challenge, idea, or discussion topic and join us (and others) to explore, share knowledge, and help each other. Let's innovate together! 


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We will also be holding webinars like this Thursday's on ILT to Digital Delivery. We’ll e-mail topics as they’re scheduled out.


Let’s do this together!




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