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Top 12 Learning Blog Posts of 2012

by Allen Interactions, @customelearning

2012 was a fantastic year for us here at Allen Interactions. And thanks to all of you, our blog was also a success!  We hope to continue to share with you relevant, inspirational, and insightful thoughts and stories regarding e-learning design and development, project management, and learning strategy in 2013.

So, to celebrate last year, here is a collection of our most popular learning blog posts from 2012:

  1. It's an ICE Time to Leave ADDIE Behind | Richard Sites
  2. Love Your Learners | Angel Green
  3. No One Reads Online | Linda Rening
  4. Can We Stop Hiding Behind Failed e-Learning | Ethan Edwards
  5. e-Learning... As Easy As Pie | Ethan Edwards

  6. Frightening Realities of Content Regulation Over Learner Engagement | Angel Green
  7. e-Learning Course Text: Less is More | Angel Green
  8. Top 10 List of the Biggest e-Learning Challenges | Richard Sites
  9. I ♥ m-Learning | Mary-Scott Hunter
  10. Lights, Camera, ACTION!... Creating a Compelling e-Learning Experience | Ethan Edwards
  11. Game-Like Qualities | Mary-Scott Hunter
  12. Excuse Me Your Biases Are Showing | Linda Rening
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