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Your Top 10 e-Learning Challenges List

Richard Sites

by , vice president of client services | @rhillsites

What a great response!! Thank you all for taking the time to add your thoughts and comments. Since I had the fun task of reading through all of the comments, I decided that I would just make a new Top 10 List from all of the submitted comments. These are in no particular order – but they are all great!

  1. Daniel Albarran – The assumption that all that is necessary for creating a course is in the manuals, slides, PDFs, etc (raw documentation).
  2. Scott Nipper – Managers that say, "Just video tape John talking - people will learn from that."
  3. Paul Safyan – Being limited by or enamored by certain technology, rather than doing good design.
  4. Jennifer – Requests for the overuse of e-learning bells and whistles.
  5. Lisa P – Having stakeholders not see the value in e-learning and not want to invest the money to get a quality product.
  6. Yuna – Rampant objectives. I find lots of courses have a laundry list of objectives that seem to eclipse the final actual goal of the course. 
  7. Sylvia – Business reviewers who don't provide timely reviews that they committed to at the beginning of the project thereby delaying the project.
  8. Amy – The large skill set required. Often designers have to be developers, instructional designers, graphics artists, tech support, SMEs, technical writers, proofers, etc!
  9. Kara – I usually hear “We can’t do a CBT. Our employees hate them.”
  10. Tim Johnston – Content developers who have too many other responsibilities to have the time to create high quality content within the deadline.

Note:  Sure looks like there could be a blog post or two in this list of e-learning challenges. Maybe your comment will be the inspiration of an upcoming post! Thanks again everyone.