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Hands-On Webinar: Build an Allen Interactions Course in ZebraZapps

Ethan Edwards

by Ethan Edwards, chief instructional strategist

Attend a complimentary, hands-on webinar this week, occurring over two days, Wednesday, November 30 and Thursday, December 1, from 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm CST. I will lead you through some of the fascinating, quick, and easy capabilities of ZebraZapps.  This webinar is appropriate if you are just starting out with e-learning authoring or if you are a power-user and have been using ZebraZapps or other tools for awhile. Click here to register.

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In this two-day webinar, attendees will re-create a portion of an award-winning e-learning course Allen Interactions developed for Corning Incorporated. Over the course of this webinar series the following ZebraZapps features will be introduced:

  1. Simple sequences
  2. Drag and drop interactions
  3. Providing correct and incorrect feedback
  4. Simple counters
  5. Object replacement