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Templatized Learning Solutions

Lee Steve (2)

As more and more training departments search for ways to develop training in a cost effective manner, "template based" e-Learning tools are becoming more and more popular. These tools do offer a non-programmer the means to post content on-line, providing access to students in a quick and efficient manner. However, there is quite a bit of difference between access to content, and access to successful learning environments that allow for engaging interaction with content within a context that will lead to mastery. 

The problem is not the approach. Designing and developing effective, reusable learning objects is a goal that should be incorporated whenever possible. The problem comes in using "cookie cutter" templates that usually come with the e-Learning development tools currently on the market. These templates are usually designed to simply present and test on content in multiple layouts. Effective templates must be designed more around the "context", the users, the inherent motivations, authentic scoring and assessments, realistic and meaningful consequences, etc. 

So, templatized learning is as most things, only as good as the templates.