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[Premium Training Webinar] 5 Strategies for Designing Dynamite e-Learning Challenges


Create Effective e-Learning Challenges

Effective e-learning design revolves around the successful use of the CCAF model of instructional interactivity—where interactions are made engaging through a use of meaningful context, compelling challenge, relevant activity, and content-rich feedback.  Crafting a great interaction requires thorough integration and mastery of all these elements and how they transform learner engagement. But, it can be difficult to grasp the power of this model unless we break down the individual elements.

In this two-hour webinar, Ethan Edwards, Chief Instructional Strategist at Allen Interactions, will explore what it means to design a compelling challenge.  Challenge can be built into an interaction following a number of strategies that are far more significant than simply making a question “difficult” or by simply creating obstacles.  In fact, a good challenge should actually be an incentive to invest in the interaction rather than a deterrent.

Special opportunity for early registrants: 

If you enroll 5 or more days before the webinar, you’ll have the opportunity to submit a design challenge.  Ethan will choose examples for the design exercise from those problems submitted.  Just think, if your design challenge submission is selected, you'll get a great start on your own project!

Participants will leave with a Challenge Design Tool that will help guide you in designing the “challenge” part of your CCAF designs.