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15 Tweetable Quotes from e-Learning Professionals


Here is a list of are some of the best quotes about training, success and learning. Do you know other sharable learning quotes? Share them in the comments below!

  1. "Learning experiences are like journeys. The journey starts where the learning is now, and ends when the learner is successful. The end of the journey isn't knowing more, it's doing more." —Julie Dirksen, Learning Strategy and Design Consultant (Tweet this)

  2. "You can't teach people everything they need to know. The best you can do is position them where they can find what they need to know when they need to know it." —Seymour Papert, MIT Mathematician and Educator (Tweet this)

  3. "We complain that learners want to be spoonfed, but then we won't let them hold the spoon." —Jane Bozarth, Elearning Coordinator for the North Carolina, USA, Office of State Personnel (Tweet this)

  4. “The most important principle for designing lively e-learning is to see e-learning design not as information design but as designing an experience.” —Cathy Moore, Saving the World from Boring Training (Tweet this)

  5. "Boring to make is boring to take."Lisa Stortz, Strategic Relationship Manager, Allen Interactions (Tweet this)

  6. "Boring e-learning fails to engage the learner’s mind, and without that basic motivation and action, nothing can happen even when the learner goes through all the required motions." Ethan Edwards, Chief Instructional Strategist, Allen Interactions (Tweet this)

  7. "The only thing worse than training your employees and having them leave is not training them and having them stay." —Zig Ziglar, Author and Motivational Speaker(Tweet this) 

  8. "Start with performance, end with performance."Richard Sites, Vice President, Training & Marketing, Allen Interactions (Tweet this)

  9. "Learning is not the product of teaching. Learning is the product of the activity of learners." —John Holt, Author and Educator (Tweet this)

  10. "If you continue training the same way you’ve always trained, don’t expect to get better results." Jim Crapko, Training and Coaching Professional (Tweet this)

  11. “In order to create an engaging learning experience, the role of instructor is optional, but the role of learner is essential.” —Bernard Bull, Vice President Continuing and Distance Education, Concordia University (Tweet this)

  12. “An organization's ability to learn and translate that learning into action is the ultimate competitive advantage.” —Jack Welch, Former CEO, General Electric (Tweet this)

  13. “Our bravest and best lessons are not learned through success, but through misadventure.” —Amos Bronson Alcott, Educator and Philosopher (Tweet this)

  14. “e-Learning shouldn’t be a casual joy ride on a Sunday afternoon with the cruise control engaged. The sole purpose of e-Learning is to teach.”  —Christopher Palm, Graphic Artist, Allen Interactions (Tweet this)

  15. "When training is done well, doors open, skills develop, and performance excellences yields personal and organizational rewards.  People grow in ability, confidence, motivation and happiness." —Michael Allen, Chairman & CEO, Allen Interactions (Tweet this)

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