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Avoiding Ugly e-Learning: Lessons From Holiday Sweaters

By Ethan Edwards, Chief Instructional Strategist / @ethanedwards 

Ethan_Santa_2.png'Tis the season of holiday sweaters—each lovingly created with good intent, sometimes gaudy, sometimes uncomfortable, sometimes utilitarian, but rarely as beautiful as imagined. The same can often be said about e-learning course designs. We start out with the intention to create something uniquely satisfying for our learners, but after accounting for strained resources, limited time, imperfect development tools, complex subject matter, and unpredictable learners, we end up with something not quite as beautiful as we’d hoped.

Join me on Tuesday, Dec 8th for a lighthearted webinar, hosted by ATD, where I will share lessons we can learn from common e-learning design and development pitfalls as I compare them to ugly holiday sweaters! 



 Avoiding_ Ugly_ eLearning_webinar

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