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Nicole Mellas

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3 e-Learning Design Steps to Avoid a Technical vs. Soft Skills Showdown

By Nicole Mellas,  Instructional Designer

A few months ago I conducted a webinar on getting more out of Subject Matter Expert interviews. Afterwards, I received many fantastic questions from participants. I answered a handful of them here. However, a few questions warranted a lengthier explanation. One such question was, “How does your process vary between technical and ‘soft skills’ training?”

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Your Questions Answered: Getting MORE out of Subject Matter Expert Interviews

By Nicole Mellas, Instructional Designer

A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of conducting a 30-minute webinar exploring how to get more out of Subject Matter Expert (SME) Interviews. For an overview on the topic, you might want to start by reading my original blogpost. Of course, in a mere thirty minutes it’s almost impossible to cover everything you want to cover and still have time for all of the great questions that are sure to follow. So, I’d like to take some time now to answer a few of the questions prompted by the webinar.  

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10 Blogs for Working With SMEs To Create Performance-Changing e-Learning

by Nicole Mellas, Instructional Designer

 On Wednesday, June 24th, I’ll be presenting a complimentary 30-minute webinar on 3 Strategies For IDs to Get More out of SME Interviews. In it, I’ll be offering some more in-depth tips and tricks to get you off on the right foot when you’re drafting those learner-centric scenarios when building performance-based learning. In the meantime, here are my picks for getting the most out of your SME relationships throughout the design process. 

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Beyond Liking It: Ask These 3 Learner-Centric Design Questions

by Nicole Mellas, Instructional Designer

“That training was great! I clicked through it in 5 minutes even though it was supposed to take 30.”

“I loved that training! I could keep working while the audio played, so it didn’t interrupt my day.”

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Social Media in e-Learning: Waste of Time, Magic Bullet, or Something In Between?

by Nicole Mellas, Instructional Designer

A lot of online training is pretty boring and content-centric.

If you’ve spent any time reading this blog (or even perusing the blog titles), you probably won’t find this statement to be all that earth shattering. (If you do find it to be earth shattering, oh boy are you in for some surprises on this site!) Now, I’m not going to spend my time today writing another blog about what a shame it is that so much training lacks focus on the learner. I’m not going to ask you to read more about how successful e-learning employs contextualized challenges with rich feedback to create an experience that is meaningful, memorable, and motivational (though that DOES bear repeating, it’s not what I’m writing about today).

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76 Trombones and the Dangers of the Think Method for e-Learning

by , Instructional Designer 

As a director and producer of live theater, I have a certain love for the classics, the big showy musicals from Americana’s past where everyone in town happens to participate in a dance number and then end by going about their business. I like the big numbers. I like the ridiculous leaps of faith and plot silliness that we all just accept as truth because, hey, it’s a musical. You just go with the flow.

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