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Nick Tichawa

Nick is an Instructional Designer at Allen Interactions with a background in writing and user experience design. With an ever-strategic vision, he works to craft creative stories and immersive interactions into holistic designs that create meaningful experiences for learners. He enjoys designing micro-worlds where learners can fail and fail again, before ultimately, triumphantly succeeding – learning the material with confidence and in a way they won’t ever forget.
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Recent Posts

To Enhance the Human Mind and Spirit

At Allen Interactions, we often talk about the three M’s of learning: Meaningful, Memorable, and Motivational. Previous blogs have discussed various aspects of these and their importance to learning.

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Engaging Minds with Mystery

Imagine – you are at a dimly-lit dinner party with four friends and an eccentric host. A flash of lighting briefly brightens the room, then all the lights go out. In the darkness, you hear a scuffle and a shout. When the lights return, the host is on the floor, not moving. All the guests remain seated in their chairs. Someone outside the room begins knocking frantically at the door…

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