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Mary-Scott Hunter

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Designing Thoughtful Learning Requires BRRRRAAAAAAAAIIIIIIINS

By Mary-Scott Hunter, Studio Executive 

Edmond said, “Where will the food come from? We don’t have enough to feed the whole community.”In a weary voice, Brita said, “The grocery store. We have to go shopping.”

Edmond said, “But it’s full of zombies.”

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6 Insights: Validating Gaming Principles Through User Testing

by Mary-Scott Hunter, vice president - client services

Anyone who reads my blog posts knows I’m a fan of applying gaming principles – as they fit – to e-learning. It’s one thing to discuss that relationship in theory and quite another to find application from specific games. For science and posterity, I decided to conduct a user testing experiment.

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Laugh All You Want

by Mary-Scott Hunter, vice president - client services

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