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Ethan Edwards

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The Modern L&D Team: What Skills Do We Need?

“We need to bring our training program into the 21st Century.”

“We need to move our training online to stay competitive and attract millennials.”

“With this new LMS installation our training will be revolutionized.”

“We’ve purchased a Storyline license, so now you can put the New Employee Orientation training online.”

“Here are the details of our next product launch. We will need the online training course ready to deliver in two weeks.”


Have you heard statements like these? More importantly, have you MADE statements like these?

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Announcing the Allen Academy

By Ethan Edwards, Chief Instructional Strategist - July 3, 2019

Inspired by many collective years of education, real-world experience, and outreach to countless e-learning professionals around the world, we’re building a unique professional certification experience to fit the needs of individuals and organizations hoping to impact the quality of their online training.

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On the Road with Ethan Edwards... In Birmingham, Alabama!

Spend some time with Ethan Edwards as he ponders the correlation between his visit to the Civil Rights Institute in Birmingham, Alabama and designing learning from the learner's perspective. 

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Ethan Edwards at the Missouri Botanical Garden

Join Ethan Edwards at the Missouri Botanical Garden as he ruminates on parallels between the sensory experience of creating a garden and the ways instructional designers can create meaningful, motivational experiences for learners. 

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ID on the Go with Ethan Edwards            Inspiration: LBD

Take a little time with today's video log from Ethan. It's the first ID on the Go, filmed a little while back. Ethan introduces you to the idea for this vlog and takes you into a completely new way of considering inspiration. He explores ideas around the iconic Little Black Dress (or LBD). It's 11 minutes of fun, ideation and creative thinking for elearning instructional design. Enjoy!

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ID on the Go with Ethan Edwards

Ethan Edwards presented a great talk at Training's 2018 Conference and Expo in Atlanta last week. Check out this special #trgconf edition of ID on the Go!

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eLearning Lessons from the Road with Ethan Edwards

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eLearning Lessons From the Road with Ethan Edwards

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eLearning Lessons From the Road with Ethan Edwards

Ethan Edwards discusses eLearning Design from the Bronx High Bridge in New York. 

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ELearning Design: The Eye of the Beholder

By Ethan Edwards, Chief Instructional Strategist/ @ethanaedwards 

I recently had the pleasure to pay a visit to Gunston Hall in Fairfax County, Virginia. We had a little time to fill before heading for the airport, so we took a quick tour through this beautiful 19th Century Plantation that was the home of George Mason. Mason’s ideas formed the basis of the Virginia Declaration of Rights and later the Bill of Rights of the U.S. Constitution. 

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