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Edmond Manning

Edmond Manning, senior instructional designer for Allen Interactions, has more than 20 years designing interactive e-learning experiences on instructional topics including: software simulation, medical ethics, supervisory skills, and selling/presentation skills, and gosh, a whole bunch of others. He has helped mentor and grow e-learning departments, worked as a business consultant, independent contractor, and instructed the ATD e-Learning Instructional Design Certificate Program for more than a decade. Edmond has a master's degree from Northern Illinois University in instructional technology.

Recent Posts

11 Instructional Design Truths According to Cat .gifs

Reposting October 29, 2019 in honor of National Cat Day

By Edmond ManningSenior Instructional Strategist

If the Internet has taught us anything over the last twenty-five years, it’s that every single event in the history of all humanity can somehow be represented by adorable cat videos. Why fight it? We present some common instructional design truths best illustrated by, you got it—those furry little monsters.

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Dear Michael, My Content Is Boring

Editors Note: some years ago (10,000 in internet years) Allen Interactions produced an e-zine. It may or may not have looked a little like this: 

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5 Indicators Your Training Is Aimed At High Schoolers

Whenever you begin the discussion of meaningful training for adults, someone inevitably—and boldly—proclaims, “We must accommodate adult learning theory!” Of course, everyone else murmurs their complete agreement. We simply must!

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5 Things to Do When the Solution Shouldn’t Have Been Training

Let’s be honest, shall we?

If you’ve been in this industry more than eight weeks, you’ve probably been involved in a solution which possibly, maybe, (very, very probably) shouldn’t have been training.

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Once every quarter, our Minnesota office becomes Game Night HQ. First and foremost, we plan the snacks and adult beverages. Then, we plan our games. Come take a tour of our Game Night last week, and hear what a few Allenites have to say about why we play.

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5 Instructional Design Insights from The Marshmallow Test: Part 2

By Edmond ManningSenior Instructional Strategist

Welcome back!

In my last blog, I introduced the 2014 book, The Marshmallow Test by researcher Walter Mischel. His life’s work reveals insights collected from decades of research on willpower and its relationship to decision-making. While this book was not written for instructional designers, the implications for the affective domain are fascinating.

My previous blog addressed the power of “hot and cold focus” in decision-making moments as well as how we might use those insights in creating training experiences. Now, I’d like to share insights equally applicable to the world of training.

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