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Carly Baker-Rice

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What is Blended Learning?

In the context of education, blended learning usually means moving some of the teaching/learning work from the human teacher to some kind of technology, used in or out of the classroom. In the training context, the discussion usually occurs when looking for ways to offload some curriculum from Instructor-led (ILT) or virtual-instructor-led training (VILT) into eLearning. As such, these conversations are often laden to the point of feeling loaded with a lot of baggage around a dichotomy between human teachers and machine teachers.

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Lessons on Instructional Design from…my Dog

By Carly Barker-Rice, Senior Instructional Designer 

For the last two-and-a-half years, I’ve been the primary trainer to my dog, but for some reason, my mind has kept this task separate from my daylighting work as an instructional designer. Most days, I’d venture to say that I’m a better instructional designer than dog trainer, so the reason may be simple ego-protection.

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The Value of an Empathetic ID

by Carly Yuenger, producer/instructional designer

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