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A Year in Review: Our Top 20 e-Learning Blog Posts of 2014

The end of a year is a great time to stop and reflect; to look at our successes and failures and evaluate how we can move forward, to push further and grow in the coming year. So in the spirit of looking back, here are your top 20 favorite e-Learning Leadership Blog posts from 2014!

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Best_of_20141. Today's e-Learning: Michael Allen & Experts Say "Enough is Enough"

by Allen Interactions | Four learning experts, Michael Allen, Julie Dirksen, Clark Quinn, and Will Thalheimer say "enough is enough" with today's e-learning.

2. Ten Invaluable Books for Instructional Design

by Angel Green | Angel Green provides her list of the 10 most invaluable books that every instructional designer should read!

3. Gamify Your e-Learning Solutions

by Angel Green | In this blog post, Angel Green discusses the importance of adding gamification elements to your e-learning designs.

4. Tweetable Quotes from e-Learning Professionals

by Allen Interactions | Here is a list of are some of the best quotes about training, success and e-learning. Do you know other sharable learning quotes?

5. Three Steps to Get More Out of Your SMEs

by Nicole Mellas | Nicole Mellas shares 3 practical ways to get more out of your interviews with Subject Matter Experts!

6. On the Job: Four Insights into Engaging the Millennial Generation

by Hannah von Bank | What drives Millennials, how can we tap into the talents of this global generation? Hannah shares insights on training experiences from Millennials.

7. Learner-Centered Design: Three Quick Ideas for e-Learning

by Ellen Burns-Johnson | A world where training is learner-centered is one step closer to being free from boring training. Read on for 3 learning design ideas!

8. Can Design Thinking Advance Our Job as Instructional Designers

by Angel Green | e-Learning courses feel like they were created by a droid. Instructional designers can bring creativity, innovation, and spark back to e-learning!

9. Gamification for e-Learning Q&A

by Angel Green | Angel Green provides answers to some questions asked during her Gamification for e-Learning webinar and The TAG Model, that is based on Bloom's Taxonomy.

10. Three Fun Factors for a Successful e-Learning Project Kickoff

by Ellen Burns-Johnson | In this blog post, Ellen Burns shares 3 ways to ensure that your e-Learning Savvy Starts are productive, rewarding and fun!

11. How to Blossom as an Instructional Designer

by Ethan Edwards | Too often e-learning designers are working on their own-designing, developing, and implementing their lessons with no one off whom to bounce ideas.

12. Make Em Laugh: Four Ways to Create Courses with Humor

by Ann Iverson | Humor can help motivate learners to want more. Learn 4 ways to incorporate more laughter in your e-learning designs!

13. 4 Reasons to Convince Your Boss to Invest in More e-Learning

by Hannah von Bank | Here are 4 reasons why augmenting your training offerings with online is a smart choice―for your learners and for your company’s bottom line.

14. Five e-Learning Media Design Tips Inspired by Ugly Sweaters

by Christopher Palm | In this blog, Christopher Palm talks about the parallels between the bold sweaters of the U.S. Olympics Team and e-learning media design.

15. Three Friendly Tips to Save Your Learners from Information Overload

by Carrie Zens | We are completely inundated with information, in this blog, get 3 tips that will help you save your learners from information overload.

16. Is Every Process Really ADDIE?

by Richard Sites | While the reasons are numerous, I have come to believe there is one particular reason why so many profess their allegiance to ADDIE—there isn’t anything else.

17. Generous e-Learning Design

by Linda Rening | As e-learning designers, we have to be generous enough to make our e-learning experiences about the learners.

18. Six Principles for Assuring Quality in e-Learning

by Michelle Kenoyer | The role of QA in e-learning is critical! In this blog, Michelle Kenoyer shares 6 ways to assure quality in your projects!

19. Educating and Challenging Stakeholders on Instructional Design Best Practices

by Gerald Matykowski | Gerald Matykowski provides guidance, based on the book, The Challenger Sale, for influencing stakeholders on instructional design best practices.

20. What Instructional Designers Can Learn from Kid President

by Brittany Laeger | Learn 5 great lessons from Kid President that will inspire you to create motivating e-learning and inspire your employees to be more awesome!

Did you have a favorite e-learning blog from 2014? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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