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6 Reasons You Should Attend the 2016 Allen Experience

Tired of the traditional learning conferences in which you sit for hours and listen to speakers all day? If you're ready for an experience that is designed around activity-based and hands-on sessions that deliver practical application, then the Allen Experience is for you! 

In it's third consecutive year, the Allen Experience is our premiere workshop event that is co-located with Training magazine's Online Learning Conference.  At an unbeatable value of $395, The Allen Experience is an exceptional and unique day of design for learning professionals who want proven and practical strategies, tactics, and insight to begin building or build better learning solutions that are learner-focused and driven by performance outcomes.

So, here are 6 reasons you should consider attending the 2016 Allen Experience! 




1. Activity-Based Breakouts

We know you don't want to just sit and listen to someone speakyou want to get up and get hands-on and practical application!

Led by the thought leaders at Allen Interactions, attendees will break into groups and complete three action-packed sessions that cover effective learning design and development spanning topics from collaborative sketching and agile development to practical e-learning design and serious learning game design. For more details on the breakout sessions, visit our event page.  



2. Serious Game Design 

Attendees will close the day with a special session by Michael Allen, Simplifying Serious Learning Game Design. Based on the forthcoming 2nd edition of Michael Allen’s Guide to e-Learning, Michael will present attendees with a practical and effective means of selecting appropriate game formats, identifying the essential elements of games to be retained, restating instructional content in game design language, and merging games and instruction in ways to assure powerful learning outcomes

3. Long Lasting Impact

Spend the day with learning professionals and Allen Interactions thought leaders who share your passion for learning, and make connections that will last long after the day is over! 

In addition to great people, you will leave the Allen Experience with proven and practical strategies, tactics, and insight to begin building or build better learning solutions that are learner-focused and driven by performance outcomes. Go back to your organization with the tools and strategies necessary to make great things happen! 


4. Get a Package Deal

The Allen Experience is co-located with Training magazine's Online Learning Conference (OLC). This means you get unbeatable value from both the OLC and the Allen Experience in one location. As a bonus—when you register for both events—you will save $250! With two full days of action-packed and hands-on learning, this conference will not disappoint! 

5. Free Book! 

MAllen_Guide_to_eLearning_BOOKIMAGE.pngAs an exclusive take-away, Allen Experience attendees will receive a FREE copy of Michael Allen's Guide to e-Learning: Second Edition hitting shelves Summer 2016. Explore effective learning programs with the father of e-learning! 

6. Chicago in September 

Need we say more? Enjoy the breathtaking view of the Chicago skyline surrounded by the beautiful fall trees. In your free time, visit an art exhibit, take a tour of the city or just sit back and enjoy a slice of famous Chicago pizza! 



We are so excited to be hosting the third annual Allen Experience at Training magazine's Online Learning Conference. We hope to see you there! 

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