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Freedom from Wasted Training: The e-Learning Bill of Rights

by Ethan Edwards, chief instructional strategist

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Helping You Combat the 10 Ways to Ruin e-Learning

Ethan Edwards held a webinar this week on 10 Ways to Ruin Your e-Learning—a How-to-Guide in Reverse—highlighting and providing advice and tips to avoid these e-learning design pitfalls:
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Iterations: We Need More Design in Instructional Design [Ep. 8]

In this episode of Iterations, Richard Sites and Angel Green continue the conversation from last week's blog - We Need More Design in Instructional Design. Join them as they participate in a spirited discussion about what instructional design is and why it is different from instructional materials development.

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We Need More Design In Instructional Design

by , vice president - training and marketing | @rhillsites

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It’s No Mystery: Meaningful & Memorable Matters

by Ethan Edwards, chief instructional strategist

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Celebrating Award-Winning e-Learning!

We are proud to announce award-winning recognition to the tune of 6 awards – 3 Communicator Awards & 3 Horizon Interactive Awards! Congratulations to our wonderful clients and studios for creating award-winning e-learning experiences that are meaningful, memorable, and motivational for their employees!

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[Upcoming Webinar] Actions Speak Louder Than Words: 6 Steps to Improved e-Learning Activities

Tuesday, April 30, 1:00 - 2:00 PM Central 

Nearly everyone, particularly learners, expresses frustration with the limited range of interactivity found in many e-learning programs. Arbitrary multiple-choice and true-and-false questions, even when masquerading under flashy game-like interfaces, fail to engage learners’ attention. Worse yet, they usually fail to teach.

Too often designers feel bound by the limits of actions available to the learner—senseless button clicking, random dragging, confusing entries. But, even working within the constraints of low-level authoring tools, it is possible to design e-learning activities that will engage, motivate, and captivate the learner’s imagination and enhance post-training performance.

In this webinar, Ethan Edwards will present 6 simple and easily achievable transformations to make your e-learning interactions more impactful. The intent is to provide designers across the board with tangible strategies they can implement immediately. 

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What Got Us Here Won’t Get Us There – A Conversation with Trish Uhl

vice president of client services & co-author of Leaving ADDIE for SAM
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Trish Uhl
Owl's Ledge 
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I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce you to a colleague of mine, Trish Uhl. 

As CEO of Owl's Ledge, a learning and performance and project management consulting firm, Trish travels the world speaking, coaching, and consulting with people and organizations about “professionalizing the learning profession” through the adoption of professional standards and skills-based assessment.

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Iterations: Content Doesn't Make Learning [Ep. 3]

In this episode of Iterations, Richard Sites, vice president of client services and Angel Green, senior instructional strategist, discuss why learning experiences based on content are not adequate for the modern workplace. Join the discussion about knowing versus doing, why it is so prevalent, and its impact on your organization’s training efforts.

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Breaking the Branding Law and Getting Away With It

by Christopher Palm, media artist

Hear that? It’s the faint sirens of the branding police speeding their way to this blog at this very moment. Quick! We don’t have much time before they shackle us with their “branding guidelines” and force us to endure long recitations of the importance of their brand to the very existence of humanity.

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