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Four Best Practices of e-Learning Course Review Feedback

By Laura Bluem, Associate Producer  

One of my life mantras is a proverb spoken often by my mother: “A stich in time saves nine.” She usually meant it for situations like putting away laundry fresh out of the dryer to avoid ironing it later.

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3 Tips to Get More from E-Learning Course Reviews

By Ethan Edwards, Chief Instructional Strategist / @ethanedwards 

Recently I was speaking in New Orleans and had a little bit of time to kill before heading to the airport for my flight home and was searching for a place of interest to occupy my time.  I spotted the New Orleans Museum of Art online and a few clicks took me to the TripAdvisor reviews. 

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Get Inspired: Five Examples of Good Microlearning Design

By Ellen Burns-Johnson, Instructional Writer/Designer / @EllenBJohnson 

In my last blog post, I introduced a few characteristics of good microlearning design: 

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Iterative Design in Action—Implementing the Savvy Start

By Richard Sites | Vice President - Training & Marketing | @rhillsites

In my second SAM Minutes Video, I introduced the unique kick-off event for an e-learning project—the Savvy Start.

Now that you know what a Savvy Start is, and you want to try one out for size with a future e-learning project, how do you go about implementing this type of brainstorming meeting?

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Five Tips to Battle E-Learning Project Constraints

By Edmond Manning, Senior Instructional Strategist

When I taught the e-Learning Instructional Design Certificate program for ATD, I would regularly encounter this complaint and question: 

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Three Tools for Your e-Learning Design First Aid Kit

By Ethan Edwards, Chief Instructional Strategist

We’ve all seen great e-learning designs—engaging interactions that motivate learners, engage them in meaningful and memorable experiences, and challenge them to perform tasks that directly relate to later on-the-job performance. Unfortunately, due to the challenges in mastering authoring systems, unrealistic organizational expectations about time and resources for developing e-learning, well-intentioned but faulty standards for deliverables, negotiating content with subject matter experts, and simple lack of practice, these great interactions (I call them “irresistible e-learning”) may seem out of reach for some designers. 

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The Microlearning Millennial Myth

By Ellen Burns-JohnsonInstructional Writer/Designer / @EllenBJohnson 

June was Debunk Learning Styles Month. In the same spirit, though a bit off-topic and a little late, I bring you this post on a persistent microlearning myth.

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Hello, Collaboration! Meet The Savvy Start In A SAM Minute

By Richard Sites | Vice President - Training & Marketing | @rhillsites

In my first SAM Minutes video, I introduced SAMan agile, iterative development processand I talked about how it differentiates from a traditional ADDIE-like process. If you have not watched this SAM Minutes video, I encourage you to do so before continuing, as it will provide you with foundational knowledge of this iterative development process. Watched it? Great, lets move forward!

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"We Don’t Need No Education”—L & D Heuristics from 6 Famous Movie Quotes

By Gerald Matykowski, Inside Sales Manager  

Recently, I reviewed responses to surveys completed by ID professionals who are active on the Allen Interactions website. The surveys collected information from respondents about major challenges that interfere with doing their job well. Perhaps you were a contributor to one of these surveys. It shouldn’t surprise you that the most typical aggravations include:

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5 Ways Clients Can Foster Success in an e-Learning Project

By the Studio K Instructional Design Team

Hannah Hunter,  Linda Rening and Ann Iverson

Here at Allen Interactions, an important part of our formula for success is made up of our partnerships with our clients. We have found that truly engaging, behavior-changing e-learning is built in large part out of the strong client relationships and collaboration. We love it when our clients ask us what they can do to help with the e-learning design and development process.

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