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Visual Design is More Than Skin Deep

By Guest Blogger Connie Malamed, Author/Speaker/Writer /@elearningcoach         

How much effort should you expend on the visual design of an e-Learning course or a slide deck? Does it really matter to busy learners if their instructional materials are well designed? The answer is an emphatic, “Yes, it matters.”

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5 Reasons Why Game-Based Learning Should Matter to Organizations


By Guest Blogger, Karl Kapp, Professor / Author / Speaker           

According to a document called “The Power of Play: A Research Summary on Play and Learning”, by Dr. Rachel E. White for Minnesota Children’s Museum, play has several aspects that make it important to children. The list includes items like being intrinsically motivating, focused more on the process than the outcome, and that it is pleasurable.

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E-Learning Design: CCAF It!

By Linda Rening, PhD, Instructional Designer

Anyone who knows me, knows I’m a brat when it comes to grammar. Please do not use a split infinitive in my presence, always put your end punctuation inside your quotes, and don’t even think about using a plural pronoun (they) with a singular antecedent (everyone). (I know the construction “he or she” following “everyone…” is clunky, but it’s correct, so deal with it.) Given that, why would I, of all people, use a noun—and an abbreviation at that—as a verb? The best rationale of all: to make a point.

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6 Reasons To Attend The Allen Experience

 By Carrie Zens, Director of Marketing

The countdown has begun and the anticipation is building. Co-located with Training magazine's Online Learning Conference, The Allen Experience is our exclusive and premiere workshop event—and it's an unbeatable value at $395! So, here are 6 reasons why you should consider attending The Allen Experience, October 6th, in Denver!

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Your Questions Answered: Getting MORE out of Subject Matter Expert Interviews

By Nicole Mellas, Instructional Writer/Designer

A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of conducting a 30-minute webinar exploring how to get more out of Subject Matter Expert (SME) Interviews. For an overview on the topic, you might want to start by reading my original blogpost. Of course, in a mere thirty minutes it’s almost impossible to cover everything you want to cover and still have time for all of the great questions that are sure to follow. So, I’d like to take some time now to answer a few of the questions prompted by the webinar.  

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Do Learning Styles Work in e-Learning?

By Steve Lee, Co- Founder/Strategic Relationship Manager 

Should we be building our e-learning solutions specifically to deal with all types of learning styles? This includes visual, auditory, kinesthetic, tactile, participatory, logical and even musical learners. Would it even matter if we did? 

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3 Reasons To Love Microlearning

By Ellen Burns-Johnson, Instructional Writer/Designer / @EllenBJohnson 

 Microlearning is a trending term that refers to bite-sized pieces of learning content, usually in video format, that learners can quickly access. My favorite examples of microlearning are meant to be used as performance support or to serve up quick inspirational bites of insight.

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Declare Your Independence From Boring E-Learning Designs

By Ethan Edwards, Chief Instructional Strategist

This weekend is Independence Day, when amid fireworks and barbeques we will celebrate those critical events in the formation of the United States. No doubt in civic celebration (and the unfortunate but unavoidable appearances by politicians) we’ll hear plenty of references to the patriots who worked so diligently in the cause of independence.

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Generational Learning Design: 3 Ways to Overcome the Need to be "Cool"

 By Hannah Hunter, Instructional Writer

I love designing elearning courses for teens and young adults. I get to be creative and young learners are the perfect audience for e-learning because...

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5 Ways to Tap into Metaphors for Better E-learning Courses

 By Ann Iverson, Instructional Designer

 You’ve been asked to design an e-learning course on the topic of risk management. You want to include an introduction that sets the stage for the e-learning course and helps learners know quickly what they’re about to dive into. You begin typing…

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